"The Means Are The Ends: Ruth Ann Fredenthal - Portrait of an Artist" trailer

This documentary reveals the artist's lifestyle, career and philosophy, and
includes many pertinent interviews with critics and associates as well as
the renowned Italian collector, Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo.

"You are in front of something that is very pure, like religious in some way and material
at the same time - I like it very much."
Countess Panza di Biumo, Panza Collection

The reward of Ruth Ann's work for the viewer is this reward of transcendence.
This very concrete thing that promises nothing on first glance - over time becomes
a symphonic experience of color."
Stephen Westfall, artist/writer

"She has a very strong personality and a strong will, sort of does what she is doing"...
Kiki Smith, artist

"The Means Are The Ends: Ruth Ann Fredenthal - Portrait of an Artist" documentary
was produced & directed by David Sotnik of Paradigm Productions.
It took ten years in the making - from Fredenthal's first commercial gallery to
multiple one person shows at the Stark Gallery in SOHO and CHELSEA, to the
group exhibition at (MART) the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Trento, and finally,
the permanent installation of her work at the Villa Panza Museum in Varese, Italy

This documentary is available on DVD. For more information please visit
http://www.prdmpro.com/raf.htm or write to Contact below.